Plugin Prioritization

When multiple plugins listen to the same event hooks (see the Plugins > Event Hooks page for details), the various handlers are executed in order of "priority." Priority is simply a number. The higher the number, the earlier the handler will execute.

In rare cases, users may need to tweak the priorities of certain handlers. This can be done without touching the original plugin code.

First determine precisely which handlers need to be tweaked and how. This is an advanced task that requires that you be able to read the plugin's .php file. Normally the event hooks, handler functions, and default priorities can be found in a plugin's onPluginsInitialized() function.

Then create the file user/config/priorities.yaml. The data should be structured as follows:

        handlerName: [integer]

So for example, let's say you have a plugin called essential that listens to the onPageInitialized event, triggering the function handlePage with a priority of 0. Let's then say you discover that you need that priority to be 100 to make sure it executes before some other plugin. You would add the following to your user/config/priorities.yaml file:

        handlePage: 100

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