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Twig Tags

Grav also provides a variety of custom Twig Tags that extend the already very capable Twig templating capabilities with some new tags that we've found useful.


The Markdown tag provides a powerful new way to embed markdown in Twig template. You could use a variable and render that variable with the |markdown filter, but the {% markdown %} syntax makes creating blocks of markdown text even simpler.

{% markdown %}
This is **bold** and this _underlined_

1. This is a bullet list
2. This is another item in that same list
{% endmarkdown %}
{% link icon 'theme://images/favicon.png' priority: 20 with { type: 'image/png' } %}
{% link modulepreload 'plugin://grav-plugin/build/js/vendor.js' %}


In most programming language, using a switch statement is a common way to make a bunch of if else statements cleaner and more readabile. Also they may prove to be marginally faster. We just provide a simple way of creating these as they were missing in the base Twig functionality.

{% switch type %}
  {% case 'foo' %}
     {{ my_data.foo }}
  {% case 'bar' %}
     {{ my_data.bar }}
  {% default %}
     {{ my_data.default }}
{% endswitch %}

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