Migrating from Drupal 7 to Grav


  • PHP v7.1 or above for the composer dependencies.
  • Drush
  • Working Drupal 7 site from which content will be exported.
  • R/W access to public:// as well as the user modules folder on the Drupal site (typically sites/all/modules/contrib).


  1. Download and move the grav_export plugin to your Drupal's sites/all/modules/contrib folder.
  2. Run composer install within the grav_export folder to install dependencies.
  3. Enable the grav_export module either via drush en grav_export -y or the administration GUI.
  4. Run drush grav_export_all, or its alias drush gravea, to export all items. See other options below.
  5. Exported files are located at [DRUPAL_ROOT]/sites/default/files/grav_export/EXPORT
  6. The Grav plugin https://github.com/david-szabo97/grav-plugin-admin-addon-user-manager is recommended to view and manage users.
  7. Follow the steps below for importing the data into Grav.

Exporting Users from Drupal


drush grav_export_users or drush graveu will generate Grav user account files.


  • User accounts in the export folder under EXPORT/accounts/.
    • Usernames will be padded to a minimum of 3 characters, maximum of 16.
    • If a username is truncated or padded, the username will also have the Drupal uid to avoid collisions.
    • Passwords in each account are randomly generated, and have no connection with the respective Drupal account. The password automatically switches to a hashed_password once the account authenticates for the first time.

Importing Users to Grav

Copy the EXPORT/accounts folder to your user directory (e.g. username.yaml files should be placed at user/accounts).

Exporting User Roles from Drupal


drush grav_export_roles or drush graver will generate a Grav groups.yaml file.


Drupal user roles export as Grav groups in a groups.yaml file at config/groups.yaml. Some notes about the role exporting:

  • Each Drupal role is converted to the Grav group drupal_<ROLE_WITH_UNDERSCORES> (e.g. authenticated user becomes drupal_authenticated_user).
  • The drupal_administrator group receives admin.super access along with admin.login access.
  • The drupal_authenticated_user group receives admin.login access.
  • All accounts receive the "drupal_authenticated_user" group.
  • Drupal users with administrator roles receive the drupal_administrator group.

Importing User Roles

Copy the EXPORT/config folder to users/config.

Exporting Content Types from Drupal


drush grav_export_content_types or drush gravect will generate Grav blueprints and html.twig files.


For every defined field type, drush gravect will attempt to create compatible blueprint and matching html.twig file for each Drupal content type. The files will be exported to EXPORT/themes/drupal_export/blueprints and EXPORT/themes/drupal_export/templates respectively.

Known Limitations

  1. Field "number_integer"

Cardinality in many Grav fields only support one value. Only the first Drupal entry is exported.

  1. Field "addressfield"

Grav has no concept of an address field. Drupal field data is exported as an array form type.

Importing Content Types to Grav

Copy the EXPORT/themes/drupal_export/blueprints and EXPORT/themes/drupal_export/templates folder to the active theme in Grav. The admin plugin should now provide extra options for each content type and related fields.

Note: While field content is added to Grav page headers, display of those fields is not exported from Drupal. The html.twig file will need to be modified in order to display any additional fields (besides main body content).

Exporting Nodes from Drupal


drush grav_export_nodes or drush graven will generate Grav users and groups.


  • Each node is exported to its own folder structure under EXPORT/pages, based on Drupal's url alias and content type (i.e. pages/content/my_first_page/page.yaml or pages/content/cool_article/article.yaml).
  • Drupal field data is stored in the header of the page.
  • Files are stored in EXPORT/data/files/, following a Drupal-like storage model.
  • In the drush output, extra taxonomy terms may be outputted. Copy these to Grav's user/config/site.yaml file under the taxonomy key.

Importing Nodes to Grav Pages

Copy the EXPORT/data and EXPORT/pages folders to the `user directory in Grav.

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