Upgrading to Grav 1.7

Grav 1.7 introduces a few new features, improvements, bug fixes and provides many architectural changes which pave the road towards Grav 2.0. Here are a few highlights:

  • Flex Objects: A new way to build your own data types.
  • Symfony Server: Run Grav without needing to install web server.
  • Improved Multi-Language: Better language fallbacks, improved admin support.
  • Improved Multi-Site: Admin has improved multi-site support.
  • Improved Admin ACL: Full CRUD support for users and pages.
  • Improved Media Support: Support webp image format, lazy loading and more.
  • Improved Caching: New {% cache %} tag and improved performance especially in admin.
  • XSS Detection in Forms: Forms will not submit if potential XSS is detected in them. Check the documentation on how to disable the checks.
  • Better Debugging Tools: Clockwork integration, Twig profiling and support for Tideways XHProf PHP Extension for performance profiling.

IMPORTANT: For most people, Grav 1.7 should be a simple upgrade without any issues, but like any upgrade, it is recommended to take a backup of your site and test the upgrade in a testing environment before upgrading your live site.

Most Common Issues

  1. HTML is displayed as code on your site rather than being rendered as HTML as intended.

    This behavior is a result of the new default of auto-escaping being true in Grav 1.7. This is a security enhancement, and if you are upgrading from a version prior to 1.7, we automatically enable Twig Compatibility setting in the system configuration to ensure your old Twig code will continue to function. If you manually update to 1.7 or upgrade in any way that does not go through the GPM self upgrade process, you should set this setting yourself.

    Check out the Twig section of this guide for full details...

  2. Getting errors about invalid YAML.

    As we have upgraded to a newer version of Symfony framework, the YAML parser is stricter than it was in versions prior to 1.7. To handle this we have included an older version of the parser that is available when enabling Yaml Compatibility. This is automatically handled for you if you upgrade to Grav 1.7 via GPM, but if you have upgraded manually, you will need to set this value yourself.

    Check out the YAML section of this guide for full details...

  3. Admin showing up with untranslated strings

    If your admin is displaying with untranslated strings in the interface, it's most likely because you have previously disabled Language Translations. This was buggy in previous versions of Grav and disabling it, didn't actually disable translations throughout the admin as intended. This is fixed in Grav 1.7 and this setting is doing what it is intended to do, show the translation codes in uppercase rather than the translated strings themselves.

    Check out the Troubleshooting section for the fix.

  4. Errors on Saving or Non-functioning Admin plugins

    In Grav 1.7 we introduced Flex Pages as the new default page management UI. Also, to optimize performance, we stopped initializing pages on every admin call. Switching back to regular Grav Pages might temporarily resolve your issue. This is done by editing the FlexObjects plugin and disabling Pages (Admin).

    To properly address the issue, custom plugins should be updated to support both Grav Pages and Flex Pages by using PageInterface and also should explicitly Pages when required.

    Check out the Pages section and Admin Section of this guide for full details...

    There have also been some specific plugin issues that have already been discovered. Check out the Troubleshooting section of this page for specific issues with plugins.

  5. Page blueprints stop working or give error about a loop

    Grav 1.7.8 adds support for defining any blueprint in your theme. This means that if you have page blueprints in blueprints/pages/ folder, standard blueprint locations are used, just like in plugins. Unfortunately some older themes may have a mix of files in blueprints/ and blueprint/pages, which breaks the detection and causes either missing fields in admin when editing the pages or a fatal error: Loop detected while extending blueprint file.

    If either of these errors happen, check out the Troubleshooting section for the fix.

Quick Update Guide

Grav 1.7 requires PHP 7.3.6 or later version. The recommended version is the latest PHP 7.4 release.


IMPORTANT: Grav 1.7 YAML parser is more strict and your site may break if you have syntax errors in your configuration files or page headers. However, if you update your existing site using bin/gpm or Admin Plugin upgrade process keeps most of the broken YAML syntax working.

To revert to the old behavior you need to make sure you have following setting in user/config/system.yaml:

  yaml_compat: true

or in Admin under ConfigurationAdvanced -> YAML Compatibility

Yaml Compatibility

TIP: Grav 1.6 Upgrade Guide has a dedicated YAML Parsing section to help you to fix these issues.

By default, Grav 1.7 uses a Symfony 4.4 YAML parser, which follows the YAML standard specification more closely than the older versions of Grav. This means that YAML files which previously worked just fine, may cause errors resulting from being invalid YAML. However, Grav will by default still fall back to the older 3.4 version of the parser to keep your site up and running.

TIP: You should run CLI command bin/grav yamllinter or visit in Admin > Tools > Reports before and after upgrade and fix all the YAML related warnings and errors.


IMPORTANT: Grav 1.7 enables Twig Auto-Escaping by default. However, if you update your existing site using bin/gpm or Admin Plugin upgrade process keeps the existing auto-escape settings.

To revert to the old behavior you need to make sure you have following settings in user/config/system.yaml:

  autoescape: false
  twig_compat: true

or in Admin under ConfigurationAdvanced -> Twig Compatibility

And please remember to clear cache after doing this!

Twig Compatibility

TIP: Grav 1.6 Upgrade Guide has a dedicated Twig section. It is very important to read it first!

Twig template engine has been updated to version 1.43, but it also supports Twig 2.13. In order to support this newer version of Twig, you need to update any old syntax in your Twig templates. Grav 1.6 Upgrade Guide helps you to do this.

Additional changes in templating are:

  • Added a new {% cache %} Twig tag eliminating need for twigcache extension.
  • Added array_diff() twig function
  • Added template_from_string() twig function
  • Added a new svg_image() twig function to make it easier to 'include' SVG source in Twig
  • Improved url() twig function to take third parameter (true) to return URL on non-existing file instead of returning false
  • Improved |array twig filter to work with iterators and objects with toArray() method
  • Improved authorize() twig function to work better with nested rule parameters
  • Improved |yaml_serialize twig filter: added support for JsonSerializable objects and other array-like objects
  • Added default templates for external.html.twig, default.html.twig, and modular.html.twig
  • BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: Use {% script 'file.js' at 'bottom' %} instead of in 'bottom' which is broken


IMPORTANT: Grav 1.7 changes the behavior of Strict Validation. However, if you update your existing site using bin/gpm or Admin Plugin upgrade process keeps the existing strict mode behaviour.

Strict mode Improvements: Inside forms, declaring validation: strict was not as strict as we hoped because of a bug. The strict mode should prevent forms from sending any extra fields and this was fixed into Grav 1.7. Unfortunately many of the old forms declared to be strict even if they had extra data in them.

To revert to the old behavior you need to make sure you have following setting in user/config/system.yaml:

  blueprint_compat: true

XSS Injection Detection is now enabled in all the frontend forms by default. Check the documentation on how to disable or customize the checks per form and per field.

Because of this, we added new configuration option system.strict_mode.blueprint_compat: true to maintain old validation: strict behavior. It is recommended to turn off this setting to improve site security, but before doing that, please search through all your forms if you were using validation: strict feature. If you were, either remove the line or test if the form still works.

NOTE: This backwards compatibility fallback mechanism will be removed in Grav 2.0

Environments and Multi-Site

Important: Grav 1.7 moves environments into user://env folder. The old location still works, but it is better to move environments into a single location future features may rely on it.

Grav 1.7 also adds support for Server Based Environment Configuration and Server Based Multi-Site Configuration. This feature comes handy if you want to use for example docker containers and you want to make them independent of the domain you happen to use. Or if do not want to store secrets in the configuration, but to store them in your server setup.

In addition setup.php file can now be in either GRAV_ROOT/setup.php or GRAV_ROOT/GRAV_USER_PATH/setup.php. The second location makes it easier to use environments with git repositories containing only user folder.

User Accounts

Admin has now new Accounts Administration using Flex Users:

NOTE: Flex Users feature is not yet used in the frontend of your site.


The existing Pages Administration has been greatly improved with Flex Pages:

  • Reworked list view: Far better support for large sites
  • Better access control: CRUD ACL support with page owners
  • Better multi-language support

BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: We fixed 404 error page when you go to non-routable page with routable, visible child pages under it. Now you get redirected to the first routable, visible child page instead. This is probably what you wanted in the first place.

NOTE: Flex Pages feature is not yet used in the frontend of your site.


Grav 1.7 changed the behavior of how the multi-language fallbacks work for the pages.

Previously if the page did not exist with the requested language, the old implementation looked up the next supported language. This meant that the untranslated page was always displayed, but the page could be using some unknown language to the reader.

The new behavior is to fall back only to the default language of the site. This default behavior can be overridden by setting fallback languages per language by using system.languages.content_fallback configuration option.

If the page does not exist in any of the fallback languages, 404 Not Found will be displayed instead.

BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: Please add correct fallback languages for the page content in system.yaml or admin: Configuration > System > Languages > Content Language Fallback.


Media handling has been greatly improved in Grav 1.7. Some highlights are:

  • Support for webp image format
  • Markdown: Added support for native loading=lazy attributes on images. Can be set in system.images.defaults or per md image with ?loading=lazy
  • Added ability to noprocess specific items only in Link/Image Excerpts, e.g. http://foo.com/page?id=foo&target=_blank&noprocess=id


Some highlights are:

  • All CLI commands now accept --env and --lang parameters to set the environment and the used language respectively (-e does not work anymore)
  • Added new bin/grav server CLI command to easily run Symfony or PHP built-in web servers
  • Improved Scheduler cron command check and more useful CLI information
  • Added new -r <job-id> option for Scheduler CLI command to force-run a job
  • Improved bin/grav yamllinter CLI command by adding an option to find YAML Linting issues from the whole site or custom folder
  • CLI/GPM command failures now return non-zero code (allowing error detection if command fails)


Added new configuration option to keep default language in .md files if set to false

  • system.yaml: languages.include_default_lang_file_extension: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Languages > Include default language in file extension

Added new configuration option to set fallback content languages individually for every language

  • system.yaml: languages.content_fallback: See Language Configuration
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Languages > Content Language Fallback

Added new configuration option to choose between debugbar and clockwork

  • system.yaml: debugger.provider: clockwork|debugbar
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Debugger > Debugger Provider

Added new configuration option to hide potentially sensitive information

  • system.yaml: debugger.censored: false|true
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Debugger > Censor Sensitive Data

Added new configuration option to maintain old validation: strict behavior

  • system.yaml: strict_mode.blueprint_compat: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Advanced > Blueprint Compatibility

Added system configuration support for HTTP_X_FORWARDED headers (host disabled by default)

  • system.yaml: http_x_forwarded.protocol: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Advanced > HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO Enabled
  • system.yaml: http_x_forwarded.host: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Advanced > HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST Enabled
  • system.yaml: http_x_forwarded.port: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Advanced > HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PORT Enabled
  • system.yaml: http_x_forwarded.ip: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > System > Advanced > HTTP_X_FORWARDED IP Enabled

Added new configuration option security.sanitize_svg to remove potentially dangerous code from SVG files

  • security.yaml: sanitize_svg: true|false
  • Admin: Configuration > Security > Sanitize SVG



  • Added support for Clockwork developer tools (now default debugger)
  • Added support for Tideways XHProf PHP Extension for profiling method calls
  • Added Twig profiling for Clockwork debugger

Use composer autoloader

  • Upgraded bin/composer.phar to 2.0.2 which is all new and much faster

  • Please add composer.json file to your plugin and run composer update --no-dev (and remember to keep it updated):


        "name": "getgrav/grav-plugin-example",
        "type": "grav-plugin",
        "description": "Example plugin for Grav CMS",
        "keywords": ["example", "plugin"],
        "homepage": "https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-example",
        "license": "MIT",
        "authors": [
                "name": "...",
                "email": "...",
                "homepage": "...",
                "role": "Developer"
        "support": {
            "issues": "https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-example/issues",
            "docs": "https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-example/blob/master/README.md"
        "require": {
            "php": ">=7.1.3"
        "autoload": {
            "psr-4": {
                "Grav\\Plugin\\Example\\": "classes/",
                "Grav\\Plugin\\Console\\": "cli/"
            "classmap":  [
        "config": {
            "platform": {
                "php": "7.1.3"

    See Composer schema

  • Please use autoloader instead of require in the code:


       * @return array
      public static function getSubscribedEvents(): array
          return [
              'onPluginsInitialized' => [
                  // This is only required in Grav 1.6. Grav 1.7 automatically calls $plugin->autolaod() method.
                  ['autoload', 100000],
       * Composer autoload.
       * @return \Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader
      public function autoload(): \Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader
          return require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
  • Plugins & Themes: Call $plugin->autoload() and $theme->autoload() automatically when object gets initialized

  • Make sure your code does not use require or include for loading classes

Plugin/Theme Blueprints (blueprints.yaml)

  • Please add:

    slug: folder-name
    type: plugin|theme
  • Make sure you update your dependencies. I recommend setting Grav to either 1.6 or 1.7 and update your code/vendor to PHP 7.1

        - { name: grav, version: '>=1.6.0' }
  • Added themes to cached blueprints and configuration

  • Grav 1.7.8 adds support for defining any blueprint in your theme. Move all files and folders in blueprints/ into blueprints/pages/ to keep your theme forward compatible. Also remember to update minimum Grav dependency to >=1.7.8.


  • Session ID now changes on login to prevent session fixation issues
  • Added Session::regenerateId() method to properly prevent session fixation issues


  • user.authorize() now requires user to be authorized (passed 2FA check), unless the rule contains login in its name.

  • Added support for more advanced ACL (CRUD)

  • BC BREAK user.authorize() and Flex object.isAuthorized() now have two deny states: false and null.

    Make sure you do not have strict checks against false: $user->authorize($action) === false (PHP) or user.authorize(action) is same as(false) (Twig).

    For the negative checks you should be using !user->authorize($action) (PHP) or not user.authorize(action) (Twig).

    The change has been done to allow strong deny rules by chaining the actions if previous ones do not match: user.authorize(action1) ?? user.authorize(action2) ?? user.authorize(action3).

    Note that Twig function authorize() will still keeps the old behavior!


  • Added default templates for external.html.twig, default.html.twig, and modular.html.twig

  • Admin uses Flex Pages by default (can be disabled from Flex-Objects plugin)

    Disable Flex Pages

  • Added page specific admin permissions support for Flex Pages

  • Added root page support for Flex Pages

  • Fixed wrong Pages::dispatch() calls (with redirect) when we really meant to call Pages::find()

  • Added Pages::getCollection() method

  • Moved collection() and evaluate() logic from Page class into Pages class

  • DEPRECATED $page->modular() in favor of $page->isModule()

  • DEPRECATED PageCollectionInterface::nonModular() in favor of PageCollectionInterface::pages()

  • DEPRECATED PageCollectionInterface::modular() in favor of PageCollectionInterface::modules()

  • BC BREAK Fixed Page::modular() and Page::modularTwig() returning null for folders and other non-initialized pages. Should not affect your code unless you were checking against false or null.

  • BC BREAK Always use \Grav\Common\Page\Interfaces\PageInterface instead of \Grav\Common\Page\Page in method signatures

  • Admin now uses Flex Pages by default, collection will behave in slightly different way

  • BC BREAK $page->topParent() may return page itself instead of null

  • BC BREAK $page->header() may now \Grav\Common\Page\Header return object instead of stdClass, you need to handle both (Flex vs regular)


  • Added MediaTrait::freeMedia() method to free media (and memory)
  • Added support for uploading and deleting images directly in Media by using PSR-7
  • Adjusted asset types to enable extension of assets in class
  • BC BREAK Media no longer extends Getters, accessing $media->$filename no longer works, use $media[$filename] instead!


  • BC BREAK Upgraded Parsedown to 1.7 for Parsedown-Extra 0.8. Plugins that extend Parsedown may need a fix to render as HTML
  • Added new Excerpts::processLinkHtml() method


  • Added experimental support for Flex Users in the frontend (not recommended to use yet)
  • Admin uses Flex Users by default (can be disabled from Flex-Objects plugin)
  • Improved Flex Users: obey blueprints and allow Flex to be used in admin only
  • Improved Flex Users: user and group ACL now supports deny permissions
  • Changed UserInterface::authorize() to return null having the same meaning as false if access is denied because of no matching rule
  • DEPRECATED \Grav\Common\User\Group in favor of $grav['user_groups'], which contains Flex UserGroup collection
  • BC BREAK Always use \Grav\Common\User\Interfaces\UserInterface instead of \Grav\Common\User\User in method signatures


  • Do not use Framework Flex classes directly, it's better to use or extend classes under Grav\Common\Flex\Types\Generic namespace
  • Added $grav['flex'] to access all registered Flex Directories
    • Added FlexRegisterEvent which triggers when $grav['flex'] is being accessed the first time
  • Added hasFlexFeature() method to test if FlexObject or FlexCollection implements a given feature
  • Added getFlexFeatures() method to return all features that FlexObject or FlexCollection implements
  • Added FlexObject::refresh() method to make sure object is up to date
  • Added FlexStorage::getMetaData() to get updated object meta information for listed keys
  • Added FlexDirectoryInterface interface
  • Added search option same_as to Flex Objects
  • Flex Pages method $page->header() returns \Grav\Common\Page\Header object, old Page class still returns stdClass
  • Renamed PageCollectionInterface::nonModular() into PageCollectionInterface::pages() and deprecated the old method
  • Renamed PageCollectionInterface::modular() into PageCollectionInterface::modules() and deprecated the old method
  • FlexDirectory::getObject() can now be called without any parameters to create a new object
  • Implemented customizable configuration per flex directory type
  • DEPRECATED FlexDirectory::update() and FlexDirectory::remove()
  • BC BREAK Moved all Flex type classes under Grav\Common\Flex
  • BC BREAK FlexStorageInterface::getStoragePath() and getMediaPath() can now return null
  • BC BREAK Flex objects no longer return temporary key if they do not have one; empty key is returned instead
  • BC BREAK Added reload argument to FlexStorageInterface::getMetaData()
  • You can add edit_list.html.twig file to a form field in order to customize look in the listing view


  • Improved language support for Route class
  • Translations: rename MODULAR to MODULE everywhere
  • Added Language::getPageExtensions() to get full list of supported page language extensions
  • BC BREAK Fixed Language::getFallbackPageExtensions() to fall back only to default language instead of going through all languages


  • Added support for having all sites / environments under user/env folder


  • All classes now use PHP 7.4 serialization. The old Serializable methods are now final and cannot be overridden.


  • Added flatten_array filter to form field validation
  • Added support for security@: or: [admin.super, admin.pages] in blueprints (nested AND/OR mode support)
  • Blueprint validation: Added validate: value_type: bool|int|float|string|trim to array to filter all the values inside the array
  • If your plugins has blueprints folder, initializing it in the event will be too late. Do this instead:

    class MyPlugin extends Plugin
        /** @var array */
        public $features = [
            'blueprints' => 0, // Use priority 0


  • Use Symfony EventDispatcher directly instead of rockettheme/toolbox wrapper.
  • Added $grav->dispatchEvent() method for PSR-14 events
  • Added PluginsLoadedEvent which triggers after plugins have been loaded but not yet initialized
  • Added SessionStartEvent which triggers when session is started
  • Added FlexRegisterEvent which triggers when $grav['flex'] is being accessed the first time
  • Added PermissionsRegisterEvent which triggers when $grav['permissions'] is being accessed the first time
  • Added onAfterCacheClear event
  • Check onAdminTwigTemplatePaths event, it should NOT be:

    public function onAdminTwigTemplatePaths($event)
        // This code breaks all the other plugins in admin, including Flex Objects
        $event['paths'] = [__DIR__ . '/admin/themes/grav/templates'];


    public function onAdminTwigTemplatePaths($event)
        // Add plugin template path for admin.
        $paths = $event['paths'];
        $paths[] = __DIR__ . '/admin/themes/grav/templates';
        $event['paths'] = $paths;


  • Updated bundled JQuery to latest version 3.5.1


  • Added Utils::functionExists(): PHP 8 compatible function_exists()
  • Added Utils::isAssoc() and Utils::isNegative() helper methods
  • Added Utils::simpleTemplate() method for very simple variable templating
  • Added Utils::fullPath() to get the full path to a file be it stream, relative, etc.
  • Support customizable null character replacement in CSVFormatter::decode()
  • Added new Security::sanitizeSVG() function
  • Added $grav->close() method to properly terminate the request with a response
  • Added Folder::countChildren() method to determine if a folder has child folders
  • Support symlinks when saving File
  • Added Route::getBase() method
  • BC BREAK Make Route objects immutable. This means that you need to do: {% set route = route.withExtension('.html') %} (for all withX methods) to keep the updated version.
  • Better Content-Encoding handling in Apache when content compression is disabled
  • Added a Uri::getAllHeaders() compatibility function
  • Allow JsonFormatter options to be passed as a string


  • BC BREAK Many plugins initialize Grav in a wrong way, it is not safe to initialize plugins and theme by yourself
    • Following calls require Grav 1.6.21 or later, so it is recommended to set Grav dependency to that version
    • Inside serve() method:
    • Call $this->setLanguage($langCode); before doing anything else if you want to set the language (or use default)
    • Call one of following:
      • $this->initializeGrav(); Already called if you're in bin/plugin, otherwise you may need to call this one
      • $this->initializePlugins(); This initializes grav, plugins (up to onPluginsInitialized)
      • $this->initializeThemes(); This initializes grav, plugins and theme
      • $this->initializePages(); This initializes grav, plugins, theme and everything needed by pages
  • It is a good idea to prefix your CLI command classes with your plugin name, otherwise there may be naming conflicts (we already have some!)

Used Libraries

  • Updated Symfony Components to 4.4, please update any deprecated features in your code
  • BC BREAK Please run bin/grav yamllinter to find any YAML parsing errors in your site (including your plugins and themes).



  • Added Content Editor option to user account blueprint

  • BC BREAK Admin will not initialize frontend pages anymore, this has been done to greatly speed up Admin plugin.

    Please call $grav['admin']->enablePages() or {% do admin.enablePages() %} if you need to access frontend pages. This call can be safely made multiple times.

    If you're using Flex Pages, please use Flex Directory instead, it will make your code so much faster.

  • Admin now uses Flex for editing Accounts and Pages. If your plugin hooks into either of those, please make sure they still work.

  • Admin cache is enabled by default, make sure your plugin clears cache when needed. Please avoid clearing all cache!

Shortcode Core

  • DEPRECATED Every shortcode needs to have init() method, classes without it will stop working in the future.

Troubleshooting Issues

ERROR: flex-objects.html.twig template not found for page

If you get this error after upgrading to Grav 1.7, it might be related to a plugin called content-edit. If you disable this plugin, the error should resolve itself. Grav Issue #3169

Untranslated Admin

If your admin plugin looks like this:

Untranslated Admin

The fix is very easy, and can be done even when not fully translated. Simply navigate to PLUGIN_ADMIN.CONFIGURATION and then in PLUGIN_ADMIN.LANGUAGES, set PLUGIN_ADMIN.LANGUAGE_TRANLATIONS to PLUGIN_ADMIN.YES:

Fix translations

Page blueprints stop working in Admin

If you cannot see your custom fields when editing the page, your theme is using two conflicting locations for page blueprints.

If the theme was not created by you, please report a bug to the theme author.

To fix the bug, you need to move all files and folders in your theme from blueprints/ to blueprints/pages/ (requires Grav 1.7.8+). Alternatively if the theme must support older versions of Grav, do the opposite.

Error: Loop detected while extending blueprint file

The easiest fix for loop error is to move the files into their proper location, please see the above issue.

Alternatively you can fix the issue by changing the broken page blueprint from:

    type: [NAME]
    context: 'blueprints://pages'

where [NAME] is the filename (without the file extension) of the blueprint itself, to:

extends@: self@

Missing CSS Styling in Admin

It has been reported that after upgrading to latest Grav 1.7 and Admin 1.10, some admin pages appear broken and not fully styled. THis could be related to the imagecreate plugin. Disabling this plugin is not enough, you must completely remove the plugin, and then the error should resolve itself. Admin Issue #2035

Reverting back to latest Grav 1.6

While we recommend resolving any issues you may have to ensure that Grav 1.7 and future updates will be an easy upgrade, there are going to be scenarios where you have custom plugin functionality, or don't have the developer resources handy, and just need to get back to Grav 1.6 quickly.

If you have CLI access to the site, this can be done by running these commands from the root of your Grav 1.7 site:

wget -q https://getgrav.org/download/core/grav-update/1.6.31 -O tmp/grav-update-v1.6.31.zip
wget -q https://getgrav.org/download/plugins/admin/1.9.19 -O tmp/grav-plugin-admin-v1.9.19.zip
unzip tmp/grav-update-v1.6.31.zip -d tmp
unzip tmp/grav-plugin-admin-v1.9.19.zip -d tmp
cp -rf tmp/getgrav-grav-plugin-admin-5d86394/* user/plugins/admin/
cp -rf tmp/grav-update/* ./

Basically it does a direct-install of the latest version of Grav 1.6 and Admin 1.9 on top of your current installation. It doesn't touch the user/ folder so your content and plugins are not impacted.

For those who do not have CLI access, download grav-update-v1.6.31.zip and grav-plugin-admin-1.9.19.zip files using the links given here. Unzip the files into your filesystem. Then use your favorite FTP/SFTP client to copy all the Grav files to your WEBROOT and Admin files into WEBROOT/user/plugins/admin.

Found errors? Think you can improve this documentation? Simply click the Edit link at the top of the page, and then the icon on Github to make your changes.