alwaysdata is a European hosting provider that offers different plans on shared platform or dedicated managed servers. They include lots of cool features such as automatic backups, free SSL certificates, SSH access, etc.

A free shared hosting plan is available for sites below 100MB disk space. Otherwise, plans start at 8€/month.

Install Grav from Marketplace

A public Marketplace provides a lot of applications, including Grav. By providing very few information, your instance will be instantly available (HTTPS), on the free plan, with included backups.

Customizing PHP

To configure PHP, the site instance can be personalized. Adjust the PHP version and php.ini on the custom panel provided by alwaysdata.

As seen on their documentation about PHP extensions, OPCache is enabled by default.

Configure SSH access

To go further and access your space, you just need to enable SSH access since it is disabled by default. Once again, action takes place on the panel.

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