Example: Contact Form

Simple Contact Form

The Grav Form Plugin is the easiest way to use forms on your site. Let's see how we can create a simple contact form.

A Live Example

The Sora Article skeleton has a form page ready to see while reading this tutorial:

Live page

Page markdown file

Setup the Page

You can put a form inside any page of your site. All you need to do is rename the page markdown file to form.md, or add a template header in the page frontmatter, to make it use the form template.

Your page's template, or page's parent template, must implement the {% block content %} tag in order for the Grav Form Plugin to render your inputs on the page.

The form fields and processing instructions are defined in the YAML frontmatter of the page, so just open the page markdown file with your favorite editor, and put the following code in it:

title: Contact Form

    name: contact

          label: Name
          placeholder: Enter your name
          autocomplete: on
          type: text
            required: true

          label: Email
          placeholder: Enter your email address
          type: email
            required: true

          label: Message
          placeholder: Enter your message
          type: textarea
            required: true

          label: Captcha
          type: captcha
          recaptcha_not_validated: 'Captcha not valid!'

          type: submit
          value: Submit
          type: reset
          value: Reset

        captcha: true
            fileprefix: contact-
            dateformat: Ymd-His-u
            extension: txt
            body: "{% include 'forms/data.txt.twig' %}"
            subject: "[Site Contact Form] {{ form.value.name|e }}"
            body: "{% include 'forms/data.html.twig' %}"
        message: Thank you for getting in touch!

# Contact form

Some sample page content

Make sure you configured the "Email from" and "Email to" email addresses in the Email plugin with your email address

This example uses Google reCAPTCHA via the captcha field, and you should configure your site_key and secret_key in the form plugin in order for this to work. If you don't want to use Google reCaptcha, simply remove the g-recaptcha-response field and the captcha: true process.

Now within your contact page folder create a subfolder named thankyou/, create a new file named formdata.md. And paste the following code into the file:

title: Email sent
cache_enable: false
    twig: true

## Email sent!

That's it!

Live Demo

Live page

Page markdown file

Forms in modular pages work differently. To learn more about that we recommend reading using forms in modular pages

When users submit the form, the plugin will send an email to you (as set in the form setting of the Grav Email Plugin), and will save the entered data in the data/ folder.

For full details on setting up and configuring email, please read the Email plugin documentation

You can activate the Grav Data Manager plugin to see that data in the Admin Plugin.

In the future we want Grav to be able to dynamically generate forms from the Admin Plugin

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